We tend to promote our artists beyond the agreed contract and maintain long term relationships. We're working on projects with previous EFF clients including film and television production and we're touring shows in over 20 countries all year round.

We also create our own events in central London and elsewhere, hosting occasional nights to spotlight various artists with whom we are working, including showcases immediately after Edinburgh Fringe. ‘Difference’ is part of our mantra, so we’ve used boats, art galleries (including White Cube, TomTom, Sesame, Art Republic), private homes, farms, castles…

A few of our recent Fringe PR clients and monkey-created events include:
* Vaguely Qualified Productions, led by Negin Farsad (New York) – comedy writers, actors, directors and film makers. Media relations, business development links, UK touring, film distribution. For Edinburgh Fringe: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Romantic Comedy, and The Dirty Immigrants Collective.
* Nathan Phillips (New York) – improvised comedy.
* Kate Roxburgh – comedian (LA Comedy Store/UK).
* Laughing Horse Free Festival, for whom we acted as consultants.
* The List Operators (Australia) – comedy.
* The Gadabouts (England) – comedy.
* Amused Moose Entertainments (Hils Jago) – music production for comedian Christian Reilly.
* Andy Linden (England) – actor.
* Stuart Miles – Adventures of Pink Peter (England) – comedy.
* Spencer Maybe (England) – cabaret.
* Sharron Matthews (Canada) – cabaret.
* Just The Tonic (England) – emergency fill-in media relations for EdFringe for Pappy's Fun Club, Get Keith Carter and Big Value Comedy Shows.
* WhoDunnit Events (Australia) – interactive theatre show Death By Chocolate at Melbourne Food & Wine Festival and Edinburgh Fringe, both sell-outs, and for Aardfard’s Treasure Hunt Adelaide Fringe.

To see more Non-Festival PR for arts clients see Performing Arts.